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My visa was granted for longer duration what should I do? Do I have an obligation to take action? Or Am I just lucky?

As you feel ecstatic on getting your visa approved by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and celebrate in your own way, it is equally important to read your visa label or E-visa thoroughly. Lately, there have been instances where INZ mistakenly granted visas for longer duration than specified in immigration instructions for visas of that type. In such a case, the onus lies on the applicant to inform INZ of the mistake so it can be rectified as soon as possible.

  • How is that possible?

To err is human and visa officers are human enough to make mistake. On top of that systems and software can also have bugs. Let’s say you applied for an Essential Skills Work Visa under low skill and you get more than 12 months visa. This is clearly an error which is easy to spot.

  • What do I do now?

Once you have spotted the error, you should immediately contact INZ and inform them of the error. You may wish to contact your visa officer (if you have access to their details) or let your lawyer/immigration adviser know (if you were represented by them to INZ) or simply call INZ helpline and inform them at the earliest.

  • What will INZ do?

As per immigration instructions, an immigration officer may cancel a visa that the officer believes was granted as a result of an administrative error such as this one. Instead, you will be issued a new visa with correct details. This might take somewhere from few hours to couple of days depending on the availability of a visa officer.

  • What would happen if I don’t tell INZ ?

If you don’t inform INZ and they detect on their end then INZ can cancel your visa and you may end up without having a valid visa.

We, at Carmento, care about migrants and through such articles we aim to generate awareness regarding issues which might impact you as a migrant working or studying in NZ.

Good luck on your journey!

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