Residence visa to live permanently in New Zealand

 How can I live in New Zealand permanently?

New Zealand allows grant of residence visas which can eventually allow you to live permanently in New Zealand. Residence visas are granted under various policies. The way it works is following:

  • Step 1: You apply for a residence visa under the most suitable policy
  • Step 2: If you meet the policy requirements, you are granted a residence visa for 2 years
  • Step 3: After these initial 2 years, you are eligible to apply for a permanent residence visa if you can prove that you have lived in New Zealand for majority of the time for the previous two years.
  • Step 4: You are granted a permanent residence visa.

This usually means that if you are able to get a residence visa, then if you continue to live in New Zealand and continue meeting character and medical requirements, then you are usually able to get a permanent residence visa allowing you to live indefinitely in New Zealand. This is the reason, why many people use the terms interchangeably and would often refer to residence visa as if they were referring to permanent residence visa.

What are my options?

There are several options which are available. The most residence visa policies can be divided into following broad categories:

  • Skilled migrant residence visa
  • Family category residence visas
  • Investor category residence visas
  • Entrepreneur category residence visas
  • Special category residence visas including refugees and asylum seekers
  • Work to residence visas

We can help you in establishing which is the best policy for you based on your circumstances. Each of the policies within these broad categories would have different requirements and sometimes you may not be aware that there are some other policies which you never thought of or were unaware of.