As I am from commerce/ management background. Can I get job there during phd.

As per the internet study it is 3 years programme and after that person is charged between 600–700$NZD every month If not completed during that period. Is it true?

I find many people with negative opinions which makes me feel its unworthy to study there as people don’t find jobs there due to which there is no scope of PR.

Other thing to ask is about which field is having good scope there either from Human Resources or Finance.

And supervisors does not support students and one can not speak against it because all it depends upon him only. It may take as much time he/she wants. They are not cooperative with international students.

which university offers good career options from Human Resources or Finance. Field selection is highly important so we need good and proper way to choose and apply according to the market there. the field which yield out best for permanent residence

Sneha (1)

Sneha Asked question July 27, 2020