hello there,

My name is Rushit. I have Completed my study in Electronics (Level 7). I have 2 years of Experience as a process worker in Electronic manufacturing company. Now i am working as a Electronics Technician with same company since jan 2021.

Link:- https://skillshortages.immigration.govt.nz/assets/uploads/long-term-skill-shortage-list.pdf

As you can see on given link (page 3), Electronics Technician Occupation comes under Long term Skill Shortage List. Can you give me Brief Explanation about 1. What they mean by 3 years of work experience and 2. what is the meaning of “a minimum of 12 months’ relevant post-qualification work experience in the last 18 months”.

Am i Qualified for this Visa? if Not why ?

( i have 1 year 6 month experience as a Technician in solar company in India)


Rushit Asked question February 27, 2021