Good morning,

I am an NZ citizen and my partner is a US citizen. We have been in a long distance relationship since February 2019. Our original plan was for him to come to NZ after my mum and brother and I bought a house. Unfortunately, we only were able to purchase one after COVID-19 started.

I am aware that the minimum amount that an immigration officer would consider to be “living together” is around 2 months. However, I note on the immigration website that living together must be sharing a home (can’t use holiday accommodation overseas). But that is only for the partnership visa, I can see that the criteria for the Critical Purpose Visitor Visa just talks about past living arrangements.

My plan is to go to USA for a month each time as this is the maximum time I can be away from my workplace. If my partner and I stay at an airbnb or just any place that would have both of us together as proof of living together, would that suffice? Or do I need to find an open term rental that will agree to 1 month only?

I’m just trying to figure out how he can come here as he is my partner but I don’t know how to prove it other than marrying him. I cannot leave my job as I have to help pay the mortgage.

I would really appreciate your guidance on this. Thank you.


Gabriela Asked question November 18, 2020