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Our fees

Transparent fee structure

We have a very transparent fee structure to give you mental peace. Based on assessment of your scenario and application needs we would give you a quote before engaging into a service agreement with you. For all our professional paid services, we disclose our fees and all terms and conditions to you in writing. You have the choice to make a decision and once you have signed a written agreement for a particular service, then our team delivers that service to you within the agreed fees.

Free assessments

Is there anything like a free lunch? Yes there is and it is called Langar, and you would know if you have ever visited a Gurudawara. However, we need to run a business and the only purpose of our free assessment is to establish if we are able to help you and if you are able to become a paid client for us. For this purpose we provide a high level eligibility assessment for free to give you the confidence to proceed further if you are eligible to apply. You have the option to provide us the required information through an online form or you can decide to speak with one of our team members over the phone or in our office who would assist you in entering the information into our assessment system on your behalf. Our Immigration advisers review all free assessment requests and would provide you with high level assessment and advice via email. If you are eligible and would like to proceed further you are then suggested that you consider booking our paid legal advice meeting to discuss details of your application.

Legal Advice Meeting

Part 1: 30-60 mins full assessment meeting

This is a one on one meeting with one of our Immigration advisers who would perform an in-depth analysis of your situation and help you make a plan for your immigration situation. Our adviser will investigate various visa policies for you and help you choose the best policy as per your personal situation. You can discuss various job offers and/or occupations and get the knowledge you need to make decisions for your immigration situation.

Part 2: Written assessment report summary

Our Immigration adviser will send you a summary of your appointment documenting all important points discussed so that you do not have to rely on your memory. This also ensures that you have understood everything correctly in your meeting and that there is no room for any misunderstanding.

Complimentary: Follow up 30 minutes meeting with you/any employer

After our legal advice meeting it is possible that you would discuss the scenario with your employer and may have further questions. We offer a one off phone session with you and/or your employer to help you clarify any doubts. After this one off session, there will be no further communication with our adviser and we expect you to pay an additional fee or choose one of our full visa service

Fees: $500 + GST. This fee covers both Part 1 and Part 2 of the legal advice appointment. The complimentary follow up is our initiative to help you succeed in your immigration plans and we do not charge you for this. However, after this complimentary follow up phone call, there will be no further email/phone or any form of support provided. If you need any further assistance you are required sign a full service agreement for an appropriate visa type.

 If you sign up for a fully managed visa service for your application then we will offset this $500 + GST towards your total service fee. 

Fully managed visa application service

We offer comprehensive fully managed visa services which involves full assessment, application preparation and submission to Immigration New Zealand. We provide you with checklist of documents, review your documents and give you feedback on how you could improve your application and liaise with Immigration New Zealand on your behalf.  Fee for such a visa application is based on your individual situation and complexities involved. We only start working on your application once you have agreed to the fees, our terms and have signed the service agreement with us. We will provide you with a quote for a fully managed visa service. The fees depends on your individual circumstances, visa category and complexity of your case. Complete a free assessment below to find out what your fee could be.

Work Visa Residence Visa Visitor Visa Work to Residence Visa Package
$1499 – $2000 + GST $4500- $5000+ GST $1250- $1499+ GST $3600- $4500+ GST

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