Job Placement Programme

Carmento Job Placement programme

Carmento Job placement programme is our flagship programme for migrants looking to build a successful life in New Zealand. The programme is designed to help you succeed in finding your first professional job in New Zealand.

Are you sick of getting standardized replies to your job applications?

Do you feel that everytime you apply for a new job advert, you are just getting a standard email reply suggesting that you have been unsuccessful? Do you feel that you were a perfect candidate for that role but you didn’t even get a chance for an interview? This is not uncommon and you would be surprised how many talented migrants face the exact same scenario.

Excuse # 1: You don’t have NZ work experience

Are you sick of hearing that you are not a perfect candidate for the role because you don’t have New Zealand work experience? There are so many talented candidates who are not able to make it to the shortlist because they are not able to demonstrate New Zealand work experience. This is a real reason which has a huge impact on your self-worth and self-belief. Have you faced this scenario? Were you told that you can’t get a job because you don’t have New Zealand experience? It almost sounds like a catch 22 situation, where you can’t get a job because you don’t have New Zealand experience but you can’t gain New Zealand experience unless you get a job. If you can relate to this, then this is the programme for you.

Excuse # 2: You don’t relevant skills and experience

There are so many employers who are claiming that they cannot find suitably qualified staff. While at the same time, you get a template based email response stating that while your application was good, the employer has found other candidates who had more relevant skills and experience. You have completed your qualification and now you are waiting for a chance to prove that you have got it. All you need is an opportunity to prove that you are capable and will excel at the job. Do you feel that the employers need to be more open to hiring graduates? Do you feel that have the skills but you need an opportunity to exercise those skills and prove that you can apply the knowledge you have gained in your qualification? If you think this is you, then this is the programme for you.

Excuse # 2: You don’t have a valid visa

Do you feel that it would have been 100 times easier to find your dream job if you already had a residence visa for New Zealand? Do you feel that employers are put off because of your visa status? Are you in a closed work visa which only allows you to work for a particular employer? If this is one of your reasons for not being able to get your dream job in New Zealand, then this programme is also for you.

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Care + Mentoring = Success

This programme is built around our core values of Care and Mentoring and helps you succeed in building a successful life in New Zealand. The programme guarantees a job placement through personalized career planning, one to one career mentoring and your skills development.

When you join this programme, your success becomes our business and we provide you the guidance, step by step personal mentoring and help you develop and transform into a more vibrant and successful “You”.

One to One mentoring

The programme is built around providing one to one mentoring. Your programme will be designed based on your specific needs which means you will get the guidance and assistance tailored around you so that you can find your dream job. As part of your mentoring journey, you will work on solving real-life problems and gain practical work experience and skills. You will be working towards building your portfolio of New Zealand work experience.

Technical skills development

The programme is tailor made to your specific needs and is aimed at upskilling you in specific employable skills which will make you the desirable candidate for your job. Your mentor will identify your skills gap and assist you in creating a plan to improve your skills.

Soft Skills development

The programme provides you with the required soft skills development to allow you to succeed in your occupation. You will learn how to work in a team and how to build relationships. The skills you develop in this programme will help you succeed in your professional as well as personal life.


Who is eligible for this programme? :

This programme is offered by invitation only. The programme provides a unique learning experience and facilitates learning from industry mentors, teachers and peers. We create a cohort of highly motivated individuals who stand apart from the crowds and are willing to take the necessary steps in order to succeed.

Valid visa duration:

You need to have a valid visa of at-least 6 months to complete your programme. The duration of your programme is 6 months or until you find your professional job.

100% commitment:

In order to qualify for this programme, you need to demonstrate that you are committed to succeeding. You need to be totally committed to yourself and willing to give your 100%. This programme is intense and is not suitable for someone who would just like to pay some money to get results. This is an applied and intensive programme which will transform your own perception of yourself. You will be transformed into a new you, physically, emotionally and professionally. If you are afraid of change then this programme is not for you. If you are willing to undergo transformation and step out of your comfort zone to succeed, then we will ensure that you do succeed.

Entrance process:

The entry to the programme is dependent upon successful completion of the entrance process which includes a learning test, a task-based assignment, and an interview. Successful candidates are invited to the programme.

Media coverage

Carmento Job placement programme was recently mentioned in the business section of the New Zealand Herald. The article sums up the history of the company and how it was started in the year 2009 with a purpose to help migrants find jobs and making career decisions. Click on the image below to go to the article.

NZ herald

What’s on offer?

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  • Job placement guarantee*
  • Personal one on one mentoring
  • Technical skills development
  • Soft skills development
  • Leadership and management skills development
  • New Zealand work experience
  • Individual job placement strategy and execution
  • Industry connections and networking


*Job placement guarantee terms and conditions:

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  • 100% attendance of the programme
  • 100% programme curriculum tasks completion


Job placement guarantee

This programme is built on two-way commitment. We ask for your commitment and in return, we are committed to helping you find a suitable job in your chosen field in New Zealand. If you commit to complete all your course modules and maintain full attendance, if we are unable to place you in a role, we will offer you a full 100% refund of the programme fee. We are so confident in your success that we give this written guarantee of full refund.

Continuous support after you find a job

We continue providing support to you for the first 3 months even after you finding your dream job. This is to ensure that you successfully complete any trial periods imposed by your employer e.g. 90 days trial period. You continue to be part of the programme as alumni and benefit from continuous professional growth and learning.

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