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15000 more jobs, economic growth and changes to post-study work rights. Is Christchurch the next best destination for students coming to NZ?

As New Zealand Government announced changes to post-study work rights for international students in August 2018, things are looking different for those who are planning to come to New Zealand on a student visa. Earlier in August 2018 . Consequently there have been talks how these changes would see students choosing to study outside Auckland. As per the new rules, those who choose to study outside Auckland might be eligible for two-year open post-study work instead of one (provided they complete qualification by 31 December 2021). This can make huge difference in a student’s career and plan for staying in NZ for a long term. As a student gets more time to work in NZ, he/she gets more skilled and experienced thus opening pathways for work and residence visa.

For those students who are planning to come to NZ to study courses below degree level Auckland might not be a good option. As international student market is getting aware of these changes, the biggest question now is “Where to study in NZ?”

Christchurch, South Island’s largest city, has always been a popular option with students. It boasts of various schools, two universities – Canterbury University and Lincoln, a specialist land-based university and Ara Institute of Canterbury, a tertiary education provider. Also, there are various Private Training Establishments (PTEs) which offer high quality degree, diploma, certificate and English programmes. These institutes offer courses in different fields of study ranging from business management, medicine, engineering, hospitality to arts and language.

With new rule changes to post-study work rights favoring cities outside Auckland, a latest proposal for Christchurch’s future growth is an icing on the cake. Christchurch City Council has unveiled a blueprint for growth which aims to increase economic growth to $24 billion in next three years. It plans to support certain number of businesses and entrepreneurs to generate growth. The plan to grow public and private regeneration in the central city will see creation of 15000 new jobs. With a low unemployment rate of 4% in Canterbury region, this news brings opportunities for migrants to join the work force and hone their skills. Employers will be looking for people to fill the growing demand. Seems like Christchurch, with its economic and financial growth prospects, would be offering greater opportunities to those who come to study here in next few years.

If you are outside NZ and planning to come here to study, you may like to start with this tool https://nzready.immigration.govt.nz/

Also, you may wish to look at the study options and life experience that NZ offers at https://www.newzealandnow.govt.nz/studying-in-nz

If you are looking for assistance to help you in choosing right course of study, applying for admission and applying for a student visa, feel free to get in touch with our expert team at Carmento Immigration at https://www.carmento.com/study-in-new-zealand/




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